taking 'Steps' to 2013 miles

Monday, April 29, 2013

Monday Motivation

I set a goal to walk 2013 miles in 2013,
My plan??  Walk during breaks at work and every chance I get on the treadmill at home,
Work??  I do a lot of that....
Trying my best to stick with it...
Hoping to reach my goal....
How about you?? Do you have a goal? It's never to late...

Saturday, April 20, 2013

No Biggie!!

58 years old - That's me!!
Good Lord where has the time gone?
But more importantly what have I done?
I've managed to raise one fantastic daughter who surprised me by becoming a runner,
and is quite good at it,
She has been with her high school sweetheart for 21yrs and have blessed me with 2 grand-daughters,
I have 2 other 'daughters', SIL's and grand children that I wouldn't trade for anything in the world,
 I'm with the man of my dreams and will be married in October,
I've managed to lower financial debt from past divorce and have a small amount saved for a
what if day,
I was published this year and now can be considered a
'sport' photographer
(thank-you runner daughter),
I'm still at the job {36yrs} that my mother said I wouldn't last a week at because I was too spoiled,
I'm a cervical cancer survivor,
I'm working at becoming a Blogger!

Friday, April 19, 2013

My Team~~We're Shaping Up!!

With inspiration from others on my team I've managed to accomplish many different 'challenges'. 
I challenge myself with making healthy lunches for H2B and myself, here shows how I fill a baggie with peanut butter and with a snip in the corner - a little squeeze - you can fill the celery stalk clean and simple and you can regulate how much you fill! and no mess!!

sometimes I amaze myself

snack time for the day
{yes the day}
includes a mix of
grapes, snap peas, and cherry tomatoes,
2T of veggie spread and a
serving of Triscuit Thin Crisps.
All my hard work has paid off.....
getting to the Last hole of my belt...
the weight loss isn't that significant
but I will take a NSV (non scale victory).
My ShapeUp team members that have decided to take the time to read this blog I thank-you, join in as a follower and leave a comment or two,
[there might be a surprise]
there's more yet to come,
more challenges to complete!
We Can Do This!

Thursday, April 18, 2013

Remembering Boston

As a runners mom I had to do this...and of course with a little peer pressure (LOL-yea right) I was honored to also include a couple of friends from work.
Two of my co-workers Jennifer (in yellow) and Jamie (in pink) have been walking with me during breaks.
Today was the day to document a virtual
"Run for Boston"
remembering those that were killed or injured
while running the Boston Marathon.
My heart breaks every time I think about it.
So Here's to the many....
3 breaks = 8085 steps = 4.04 miles
And the many yet to come!
And a HUGE thanks to Jennifer and Jamie!
enjoy my world in pictures - there will be more as I get back on track with blogging!

Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Thoughts about Moderation

You can look at your calorie count in the same way you might look at a Bank Account.

Every mouthful of food is a deposit and Every activity that requires energy is a withdrawl.

If we deposit more than we withdrawl, Our surplus grows Larger and Larger!
~~John Maxwell~~

I know where I want a surplus....do you?

Thursday, April 11, 2013

Here I go Again!!

And yet again I am making attempts,
though slow ones, to get back into the blogging
My world in pictures.
For me it's been such a long winter!
Drab and Dreary, 
I felt like spring had eluded all of us.
But the weather has taken a turn
for the better with
somewhat shiny and sunny days
especially this past weekend.
So my project list has finally got a dent in it,
I worked on 4 different areas!!

1st Project flower bed next to driveway... CHECK!

see how l~a~z~y I was over the winter...
the white strips are from a blind that was damaged
 during a wind/rain/sleet storm from a few months back....
pitiful, just pitiful!

the water jug? it 'was' under the kitchen sink,
I got tired of it falling out in the floor
so during one of my fits I through it out the back door!!
Oh yea I did!!

this rose bush had some kind of damage to it last fall,
I was afraid I would kill it if I trimmed it,
so it looks scraggly and out of control...

any other old ladies out there that can lift a
50# bag
of mulch over their shoulder???
(X8 bags)

after I roughed up the old mulch
I piled on more to give it a more full look....

end result for the 1st bed, a lot to do!
there are 3 planters total nested here,
I will be putting plants in them in a couple of weeks...

this bird house survived the winter yet again,
its been knocked down
blown off the hook,
and one of the cats kept trying to put their paw in the opening....
not sure why I have it we don't have any birds because of all the cats....
Oh Well, it looks good anyhow!

enjoy my world in pictures....

Friday, January 18, 2013

What the ..............

OK folks as in the title What the .......! On January 1st I along with many others joined the weight loss challenge from "The Sisterhood of the Skinny Jeans". My buddies are doing great losing their weight (Hi Jen and Bonny) while I have not really loss much my buddies have been doing great! So while I walk a lot in my job I have been also walking during one of breaks on the treadmill. Jenn and Bonny have reported significant losses I did well to loose my measly 1 - 1.2 pound. In a email to the buddies I commented that I needed to step up my game and 'Commitment! ' to also doing some treadmill work after work at home.

my email to my Buddies:
          Well I said I was going to need to 'up' my game and start walking at night on the ole treadmill, and in fact I did just that!! I was quite proud of myself, felt really good after, read some blogs, choose photos to post in my blog, relaxed in the tub, went to bed at my normal time still feeling good!...............Then the alarm went off!!! OH MY GOD!!!! I couldn't hardly swing my legs over the edge of the bed!!! Oh yea I thought I was in great shape for a my age! Apparently I was Wrong, wrong, soooo Wrong (hard to admit this-even to myself). I struggled with some of my movements at work, and then all I could do was laugh at myself. I'm doing this though! I'm doing my 2013 Word  'Commitment' !

Here's to Walking on!

Wednesday, January 2, 2013

~ ~ ~ Habits ~ ~ ~

2013 word of the year;   

Did you know it takes 21 days to change a habit? If you can do anything for 21 straight days then its likely that you can continue to do it for the 22nd, 23rd, 24th and beyond.  Lets start with this..........
BIG portions make little sense.
We've all heard about using smaller plates, only taking a spoonful, stopping when you feel full, drinking a glass of water before the list goes on and on. But I myself have 'habits' good and bad when it comes to eating or portion control. So with my word of the year I'm making it a goal of mine to try and change a habit. Dessert has(d) become a ritual. Today starts my day 1 habit change. 
I leave you with this: 
     " You Will Never Change Your Life Until You Change Something You Do Daily "

 John Maxwell
Just Me--Back at it again!

Tuesday, January 1, 2013

We're doing this!!

OK so here's the deal, I like thousands of others do the Facebook thing, so while checking in the other night one of my "likes" The Sisterhood of the Shrinking Jeans posted a 2013 weight loss challenge. Yeah ok your thinking Ugh! loosing weight, exercise, the dreaded 'D' word (diet). But instead I was already thinking ahead for a different twist to the resolution phase everyone seems to do. I am using the one word idea for 2013 and with my December 31, 2012 midnight post my 2013 word is Commitment!
Melissa Anderson is the admin for The Sisterhood and here is what the company overview is, "The Sisterhood of the Shrinking Jeans is an online weight-loss and fitness community for people who's jeans are too tight! We feature online weight-loss and fitness challenges, product reviews and giveaways, healthy recipes, personal success stories, and a lot of fun!"

Once you liked the post you were in for the challenge you can have your own 'buddy' or sign up for one. Apparently with all the 'likes' a lot of us ended up with two buddies. WooHoo! I'm pumped! I heard from my team early this morning and have already started the ball rolling. Jenn has graciously volunteered to be Captain, (at'ta girl Jenn), and I voted for our team name of 'Skinny Jean Sisterhood'. I have also added a miles ticker to my blog and will update every week when I update my mileage at Daily mile. I'm NOT and most likely will NEVER be a runner and though this is a blog as a runners mom I will also add bits and pieces of my quest to 2013 miles with steps in 2013.
Here's to a fabulous year ahead!!