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Friday, January 18, 2013

What the ..............

OK folks as in the title What the .......! On January 1st I along with many others joined the weight loss challenge from "The Sisterhood of the Skinny Jeans". My buddies are doing great losing their weight (Hi Jen and Bonny) while I have not really loss much my buddies have been doing great! So while I walk a lot in my job I have been also walking during one of breaks on the treadmill. Jenn and Bonny have reported significant losses I did well to loose my measly 1 - 1.2 pound. In a email to the buddies I commented that I needed to step up my game and 'Commitment! ' to also doing some treadmill work after work at home.

my email to my Buddies:
          Well I said I was going to need to 'up' my game and start walking at night on the ole treadmill, and in fact I did just that!! I was quite proud of myself, felt really good after, read some blogs, choose photos to post in my blog, relaxed in the tub, went to bed at my normal time still feeling good!...............Then the alarm went off!!! OH MY GOD!!!! I couldn't hardly swing my legs over the edge of the bed!!! Oh yea I thought I was in great shape for a my age! Apparently I was Wrong, wrong, soooo Wrong (hard to admit this-even to myself). I struggled with some of my movements at work, and then all I could do was laugh at myself. I'm doing this though! I'm doing my 2013 Word  'Commitment' !

Here's to Walking on!

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