taking 'Steps' to 2013 miles

Tuesday, January 1, 2013

We're doing this!!

OK so here's the deal, I like thousands of others do the Facebook thing, so while checking in the other night one of my "likes" The Sisterhood of the Shrinking Jeans posted a 2013 weight loss challenge. Yeah ok your thinking Ugh! loosing weight, exercise, the dreaded 'D' word (diet). But instead I was already thinking ahead for a different twist to the resolution phase everyone seems to do. I am using the one word idea for 2013 and with my December 31, 2012 midnight post my 2013 word is Commitment!
Melissa Anderson is the admin for The Sisterhood and here is what the company overview is, "The Sisterhood of the Shrinking Jeans is an online weight-loss and fitness community for people who's jeans are too tight! We feature online weight-loss and fitness challenges, product reviews and giveaways, healthy recipes, personal success stories, and a lot of fun!"

Once you liked the post you were in for the challenge you can have your own 'buddy' or sign up for one. Apparently with all the 'likes' a lot of us ended up with two buddies. WooHoo! I'm pumped! I heard from my team early this morning and have already started the ball rolling. Jenn has graciously volunteered to be Captain, (at'ta girl Jenn), and I voted for our team name of 'Skinny Jean Sisterhood'. I have also added a miles ticker to my blog and will update every week when I update my mileage at Daily mile. I'm NOT and most likely will NEVER be a runner and though this is a blog as a runners mom I will also add bits and pieces of my quest to 2013 miles with steps in 2013.
Here's to a fabulous year ahead!!

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