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Thursday, August 9, 2012

Thirty-Six!! Where does the time Go?

Thirty-Six!! That's right 36 yrs ago I was blessed with a bouncing baby Girl! It has been an adventure to say the least with her and though there were no instructions or a manual to assist with child rearing I don't think I have done to bad of a job! She has turned into someone that everyone gravitates to for support as well as friendship. I'm especially proud of the fact that throughout her childhood and into adulthood she has chosen to be around a terrific group of people who she calls friends. So much so that most call me 'Mom' as well! Way beyond cool in my book. I don't want to say that we are 'best-friends' (some things moms don't need to know) but we do enjoy being together even if it's limited. She now has daughters of her own as different as nite/day but alike as well if that makes sense. To her I say Good Luck~~and I Love You Always my Only Born Child.

Bobbie 3 months

Bobbie 432 months (36 yrs)

I'm the MOM!!

Monday, August 6, 2012

~another project checked off the list~

Vacation day today! We (H2B) had planned on going out for breakfast then going on a walk tour in Lexington near Transylvania college. Well breakfast happened but that was about it. H2B had to work a crazy shift yesterday 3am-3pm and was still wiped out plus he has a dreaded 'summer' cold trying to get hold of  him. So no tour ~ :( ~ kind of sucked but I switched to plan B, as always there's plenty to do! Starting with turning the mattress and stripping the bed led to while in the basement doing the load of sheets I cleaned up. Were talking dusting, cobweb getting, vacuuming all the while washing and hanging up the sheets, mattress covers, blankets and anything else that fit on my portable clothesline.

5' X 8' sections did this for under $100, and during the winter momawrazzi's feet are HAPPY!

found this online for $65- it has come in handy-plus when I want to I can fold it 'down' and take it outside!!

So though I didn't get to have my 'walk' tour I did however spend the day getting things done and spending time with H2B!!

Sunday, August 5, 2012

A runner Mom too!!

Whew! This is part of what I have been working at the past several months. (check out the link below)That's right I am officially a 'contributing' photographer for the local news paper!! (did I mention to check out the link below?) I cover the Wilderness Trace 5K Series races. My Awesome daughter competes (don't know where that comes from LOL), and has done quite well if I do say so.


Here's my baby girl rockin' her 1st place bling from the race. I'm so proud of her and also proud of all my other "runner kids"

It's been a long day due to working a 12 hour shift today so this is it for now ~ later people!!

I'm the MOM

Thursday, August 2, 2012

Getting back on track......

What I've known for well,,forever! But I am getting back on track with the eating and walking routine, I have been doing this for a little while as I have lost some~OK~ a little bit of weight.  But hey at least it isn't a gain. And know what else,,,I now am using a different bra hook closure! Can I get a Hell Ya!! It's the little things people,

I'm the MOM

Some of my 'Runner Kids'

I'm blessed to be 'The Mom' to this amazing group of local runners, and the offical photographer for this group as well. Speaking of which later I will post on what has also been keeping me busy the past few months so excited!!

I'm the MOM!!

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

it's starting today!!

August 1st, where has this year gone??  More importantly where/what am I going to do the rest of the year?? For starters lets look at what I'm down to, Yeppers it's finally below 160's. I know it ain't much below but I'll take any little bit I can.

158 1/2#

For now I'm going to wind this day down a bit, figure out what I will be taking for lunch tomorrow take a nice soak in the tub, and then just chill. Playing catch up with the years events will be fun, stay tuned!

I'm the MOM!