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Monday, August 6, 2012

~another project checked off the list~

Vacation day today! We (H2B) had planned on going out for breakfast then going on a walk tour in Lexington near Transylvania college. Well breakfast happened but that was about it. H2B had to work a crazy shift yesterday 3am-3pm and was still wiped out plus he has a dreaded 'summer' cold trying to get hold of  him. So no tour ~ :( ~ kind of sucked but I switched to plan B, as always there's plenty to do! Starting with turning the mattress and stripping the bed led to while in the basement doing the load of sheets I cleaned up. Were talking dusting, cobweb getting, vacuuming all the while washing and hanging up the sheets, mattress covers, blankets and anything else that fit on my portable clothesline.

5' X 8' sections did this for under $100, and during the winter momawrazzi's feet are HAPPY!

found this online for $65- it has come in handy-plus when I want to I can fold it 'down' and take it outside!!

So though I didn't get to have my 'walk' tour I did however spend the day getting things done and spending time with H2B!!

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