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Friday, April 19, 2013

My Team~~We're Shaping Up!!

With inspiration from others on my team I've managed to accomplish many different 'challenges'. 
I challenge myself with making healthy lunches for H2B and myself, here shows how I fill a baggie with peanut butter and with a snip in the corner - a little squeeze - you can fill the celery stalk clean and simple and you can regulate how much you fill! and no mess!!

sometimes I amaze myself

snack time for the day
{yes the day}
includes a mix of
grapes, snap peas, and cherry tomatoes,
2T of veggie spread and a
serving of Triscuit Thin Crisps.
All my hard work has paid off.....
getting to the Last hole of my belt...
the weight loss isn't that significant
but I will take a NSV (non scale victory).
My ShapeUp team members that have decided to take the time to read this blog I thank-you, join in as a follower and leave a comment or two,
[there might be a surprise]
there's more yet to come,
more challenges to complete!
We Can Do This!

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