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Thursday, April 11, 2013

Here I go Again!!

And yet again I am making attempts,
though slow ones, to get back into the blogging
My world in pictures.
For me it's been such a long winter!
Drab and Dreary, 
I felt like spring had eluded all of us.
But the weather has taken a turn
for the better with
somewhat shiny and sunny days
especially this past weekend.
So my project list has finally got a dent in it,
I worked on 4 different areas!!

1st Project flower bed next to driveway... CHECK!

see how l~a~z~y I was over the winter...
the white strips are from a blind that was damaged
 during a wind/rain/sleet storm from a few months back....
pitiful, just pitiful!

the water jug? it 'was' under the kitchen sink,
I got tired of it falling out in the floor
so during one of my fits I through it out the back door!!
Oh yea I did!!

this rose bush had some kind of damage to it last fall,
I was afraid I would kill it if I trimmed it,
so it looks scraggly and out of control...

any other old ladies out there that can lift a
50# bag
of mulch over their shoulder???
(X8 bags)

after I roughed up the old mulch
I piled on more to give it a more full look....

end result for the 1st bed, a lot to do!
there are 3 planters total nested here,
I will be putting plants in them in a couple of weeks...

this bird house survived the winter yet again,
its been knocked down
blown off the hook,
and one of the cats kept trying to put their paw in the opening....
not sure why I have it we don't have any birds because of all the cats....
Oh Well, it looks good anyhow!

enjoy my world in pictures....

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