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Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Whew!! Get'n~R~Done

It's been busy for me since last post. I made a plan in my head and have worked hard at getting 'most' things done. The biggest accomplishment has been to get the upstairs cleaned and converting a walk in closet into a craft area for me. It's on the small side but it will be fine for my purpose. Also my awesome daughter started her running season the first weekend in February, yeah were talking snow and cold!!  Here are pics from my clean and organized rooms,
full bathroom with a super deep soaker tub!!

can you tell I like 'Roses'

The kitchen is considered a efficiency size.
Where the microwave sits is a plug in for a electric stove!
This table was in really bad shape and too large for this space.
Lucky for me Hub's 2B has a BIL that's a Master Carpenter!

And of course a small frig.

This is the bedroom, it's large enough for a full size bed but I have a
daybed (trundle underneath) in order to have more floor space.
The old stero system in the corner will be going to the
basement once I have the spot ready for it~Yea!!


This is a front view of the living room. We have a futon couch

that when open becomes a Queen size bed!

Hub's 2B 'Kentucky Wildcat Corner'

Yet to come will be pics of the Craft closet, like I said it's on the small side but will be fine for me.

Till next time!

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