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Monday, December 26, 2011

Super Cute Socks!!

     My daughter Bobbie had a side bar advertisement on her blog from Courtney at '3xacharmrunner' about a Secret Santa Sock Swap....well I couldn't pass this up!! So I registered. Then while going to Sevierville for her last(?) race of the season Bobbie starts talking about it...I'm thinking..Hmmm should I tell her I entered?? I swear I was going to but of course we get to talking about everything and I didn't...Courtney sends me a name and address..I get all kinds of stuff together and send 'Papaw' to mail it.

A few days later a package arrives and look what was in it..! 

I know your all jealous of my socks...thick and cozy on my feet...

Green heels and toes...

Thanks to Courtney for all the time you put into the swap and can't wait till next year.

Time to break out the nail color...which one first??

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  1. i'm so glad you liked it! i got the nail polish for myself too and am wearing the gray color right now, it's very new years! thanks for participating!